Cargo Care

We can provide round-the-clock technical support for traders and freight operators on issues such as cargo compatibility, cargo handling (heating, COW, etc.), ship routeing or tank cleaning requirements.

This includes:

  • Cargo that requires heating throughout the voyage, or prior to discharge
  • Crude oil that requires elevated temperature to the tanks feeding the COW process
  • Terminal restrictions on cargo temperatures which is regulated at certain ports

Our Expeditors have developed a unique and safe sequence of effectively de-watering crude oils on vessels where terminals cannot accept free water. By de-watering prior to the discharge, water is decanted and disposed of without delays which minimizes losses.

Where high ROB is possible, extreme care is taken by the Expeditor over the entire discharge procedure.

We provide a 24-hour helpline and provide advice on the following common issues:

  • Recommendations (recovery options)
  • Stowage requirements
  • Cargo heating instructions
  • Cleaning requirements
  • Tank coating requirements
  • Addivitation and blending
  • Decanting & disposal of water

We will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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