Tank Cleaning Supervision & Guidance

Tank cleaning is required for dry dock, repairs or between a change of cargo grades. This is an often-overlooked critical operation which can lead to significant delays at load port due to vessel rejection, and off-spec cargo. Our experienced Expeditors have specific knowledge of cleaning requirements and methods. Our attendance ensures that the vessel will not be rejected at load port and prevent the cargo from being off-spec as a result of contamination from previous cargo residues, water or inert gas. In more than 10 years, not one vessel attended by our team has been rejected by a terminal. We use the latest guidelines to provide onboard guidance. Our tank cleaning supervision includes:

  • Compliance with Marpol Regs
  • Tank entry risk assessment
  • Correct use of chemicals
  • Optimising the tank cleaning plan
  • Tank inspection and cleanliness certificate
  • Tank coating condition report & repair recommendations

We will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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